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System Toolkit

The System Toolkit is an all-in-one information and maintenance app designed for macOS. Keep track of all the important system information and quickly remove all temporary files on your Mac to free up disk space.

The System Toolkit shows the information in the Menu Bar of macOS, in the porgram itself but also shows the information on a configurable Overlay Window or on the predefined Info Panel!

System Toolkit

Download on the Mac App Store

System Toolkit Lite

Download on the Mac App Store

Disk Cleaner

Remove all cached files and free up disk space. System Toolkit removes application and user cache, browser cache and various other unwanted files.

Battery Information

System Toolkit shows all the important information about your internal battery. Information includes battery health, maximum charge and discharge rate.

Duplicate Finder

Sometimes copied files are not deleted at the old location and useful disk space is wasted. Reclaim this disk space by finding file duplicates. Different file names do not matter, it is all about the file content.

Info Panel

The Info Panel displays system information conveniently in a predefined panel that always stays on top.

Menu Bar Extra

You can select which information is shown in the menu bar. You can choose between several pre-defined widgets and choose which information is shown in the menu bar.

Overlay Window

Just like the menu bar, information can be shown in an overlay window that always stays on top of other windows. You can configure which information is shown.

Network Information

The System Toolkit tracks all the network traffic of your network adapter. You can see the traffic in a monthly or daily overview.

Big File Finder

System Toolkit lets you find big files on your hard disk. You can remove the files diretcly from within the app.

Bluetooth Battery Information

The System Toolkit shows the battery levels Bluetooth input devices (Only Apple Bluetooth devices are supported).

Privacy Protector

Delete the cookies, download histories, recently visited links, thumbnails and all other private data you may not want your better half to find out about!

Memory Cleaner

The System Toolkit also comes with a very fast memory cleaner that frees up system memory within seconds.

Dark Mode

You can activate a beatiful dark mode!

The System Toolkit is also available as a Lite version. You can download the Lite Version here.

Vom Umfang und der Anzeige her ähnlich wie iStat Menus, aber wesentlich günstiger. Läuft prima unter High Sierra, ein Cleaner ist auch mit dabei. Toll gemacht!!

- Firstmacuser

总体来说,界面好看,支持中文,也不贵。 而且,附带了网络流量监控。 现在就是温度读取全是显示不可用。2012年中 rmbp mc975.


之前买过另外一款networker,觉得很好用,但是这款没有汉化,全英文使用起来有点不方便,上次发邮件给作者询问是否会上架中文版本,没想到2天就出了,十分感谢。在app store里面这些工具类软件里,我觉得这款最好(国内的xx卫士,冗余繁杂,不是喜欢)。软件简洁明了,使用方便,关键是功能还很强大,强烈推荐。(在显示栏应该有一个不足,状态栏内没有单独的电池温度选项,只能在软件的主界面里单独看到,希望可以添加)友情提醒下,在你点温度那边,可以在官网下载一个附件,安装后重启下软件就可以读取了。没有安装的话是会提示不可用